From our experience in working with demanding customers on difficult grinding applications, Lee’s Grinding has developed valuable in-house expertise on which you can rely. We encourage you to contact us in the beginning stages of your product development. Often, grinding is the most critical process. If a part is improperly prepared for the grinding phase, you could suffer cost over-runs and long lead times. By meeting with us early, we can help you optimize the design and manufacturing process for “grinding intensive” projects.

EngineeringOur engineers can recommend design enhancements or process changes to products at any stage of your development. Consulting with Lee’s Grinding in the early stages of a product’s development life may save you time and money – particularly for “grinding intensive” parts.

Design – our engineers will review your designs looking for problems or opportunities that could affect the grinding process.
Prototyping – our in-house engineering and measuring capabilities will ensure your part is rendered exactly as it was designed.
Manufacturing – we can help you source, manage and streamline production, ensuring a part is properly prepared for the grinding phase.
Grinding – from our vast grinding experience, we can recommend which process is right for your application.

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Materials TechnologyOur experience and continuous investment in the latest grinding technology has made Lee’s Grinding an expert in the grinding of exotic materials. With our “Super Abrasives” technology, we’re able to deliver excellent results for the grinding of:

  • “Super Alloys” – such as Inconel, Waspalloy, Hastalloy and others
  • Ceramics
  • Thermally Applied Coatings – such as Tungsten and Chrome Carbide, as well as Cobalt Alloys

We even have design and engineering experience for the grinding of:

  • Composites — such as carbon fiber
  • Plastics and Rubber
  • Multi-Material Parts – such as pre-manufactured metal and plastic components

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PrototypingWe often work hand-in-hand with design engineers in developing prototypes from your plans and drawings. We can cost-effectively assist you through this critical design phase – from running “lots of 1” to short production runs for testing and evaluation. With our engineering involvement, state-of-the-art CNC and gauging equipment, and skilled operators, Lee’s grinding prototyping services benefits you by:

  • Helping you prove the design
  • Meeting performance requirements
  • Delivering reproducible tolerances
  • Comparing part performance versus design theory
  • Making adjustments as required

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EstimatingIf you’ve got a “Grinding Intensive” project, please contact us in the way most convenient for you and we’ll turn around an estimate quickly. Be sure to provide us with detailed material specifications, including material hardness and composition, required quantities and your engineering drawings. To help you, take a minute to download our Grinding Worksheet – PDF (13 kb)

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