Match Grinding


When marrying two parts, our Match Grinding capabilities ensures precise I.D./O.D. fits. We can meet diametral clearances as close as 1.5 microns. We offer several types of match grinding processes:

  • Interchangeable – batch I.D.’s and O.D.s are held within controlled size ranges
  • Select Fitting – parts are ground, individually gauged and selected for fit
  • Grind-To-Match – two parts are specifically ground, measured and calibrated to match each other



  • Bores & Profiles from 1.5mm (.060in.) diameter to 254mm (10.00in.) diameter
  • Maximum Length: 330mm (13.00 inches)


  • Diameters & Profiles from 1.25mm (.050in.) diameter to 254mm (10.00in.) diameter
  • Maximum Length: 610mm (24.00 inches)


CNC & Conventional O.D. and I.D. Grinders

  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • Studer
  • Okuma CNC (2 & 4 Spindle)
  • Tripet CNC (1 Spindle)
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