Lapping (Cylindrical)


Through cylindrical lapping, we help you achieve both your finish and geometry requirements for critical parts.
Geometry — To meet your roundness, straightness and cylindricity requirements, we true the geometry by fine-tuning your cylindrical parts with abrasive compounds, removing minute amounts of stock.
Finish — We can meet finish requirements as fine as < .025 µm (< 1 Ra) for your cylindrical parts.


  • O.D.s from 1.25mm (.049in.) diameter to 19.0mm (.7500in.) diameter
  • Lengths: Up to 76.2mm (3 inches)
  • Tolerances: < 1 micron
  • Finish: < .025 µm (< 1 Ra)


  • Peter Walters
Cylindrical Lapping Example
Cylindrical Lapping Products